Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's day to you! Even if you're not a mom, you still have a reason to celebrate. In His own wisdom, God gave each of us a mother. Have you hugged your mom today?

I admit that at this time of year I always get a little bit sad. For most of my married life I have lived far away from my mom. Each year our churches would have Mother-Daughter banquets, and I would be depressed. I couldn't bring my mom to our banquet; she lived a couple of thousand miles away! I would go alone.

When we did live near my mom for three years, we made it a point to go to her house for the Mother's day weekend. I am so glad that we took advantage of the nearness and did that each year. Even though Mom didn't make it to our banquet this year, I am thankful that Mom was able to spend some time with us last month. I love you, Mom!
Last year I was again far away from my mom during this time of year, and sure enough. . . our church was hosting a banquet for mothers and daughters. A friend of mine invited me to join her at the banquet as her sister. She even bought my ticket for me. It was nice to go, but I still missed my own mom.

I started thinking ahead to the years when I would soon be able to bring my own daughter to a banquet like this. Brooke was on the way, but she was still in my tummy. Technically I "brought" Brooke to the banquet last year, but I didn't have the fun of choosing what she would wear or holding her!

This year another sweet lady in our church invited me to be her guest at the banquet. Her own daughter and granddaughters could not come and she wanted me to be her daughter. I was honored. Nancy loves my little Brooke and she and I have become good friends.

At our banquets each person has their name drawn from a basket. The ladies could choose a centerpiece or knick-knack to take home, and the girls were able to choose a doll. It was so fun hearing them call my own daughter's name! I went to the table with Brooke and we chose the smallest porcelain doll for Brooke. Isn't it pretty? You should have seen Brooke smile when we walked away from that table. It was almost as if she knew that pretty doll was just for her.
I hope you enjoy your weekend. Don't forget to spend some time to honor your mom!

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  1. So sweet that you were able to go with your precious daughter! I love you, friend!