Thursday, April 15, 2010

Pictures of the Kids

Here are a bunch of pictures of the kids from the last week or two. We had such nice weather for a short while. Then we had SNOW FLURRIES! We're back to nice weather, thankfully, so I should have more pictures to post soon.
Brooke & Cole
Cole is now big enough to ride Trevor's bike. It looks like we'll need to make a shopping trip soon to upgrade Cole's bicycle.

She's trying to get her pacifier out of that hole.

Cole took this one of himself.
My Brooke
Cole was rolling down the hill.
What a cute smile!

Logan chose the pose for this one.

There were bubbles everywhere.
Logan was spending his time "light-sabering" the bubbles that the boys blew.
Those bubble wands are so fun!
The Three Musketeers

Cole Boy

I'm never surprised when I see Cole on top of something. He's a climber.

My Trevor boy is growing up. He doesn't look like a little kid in this picture.

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