Monday, April 26, 2010

Happy Birthday, David!

For 25 days out of the year, my husband likes to tease me about my advanced age. You see, for those few short days - less than a month, really - I am older than him. He likes to rub it in and takes every opportunity to do so. Each year I warn him that, "If I'm going down, I'm going to take you with me, Buddy!" And true to my word, I do! Ha! David just celebrated his birthday Saturday. So now the numbers are even again and I can breathe easy for about 340 days.
A lot of the times I get David a gift I can't wrap well, like a suit. So we'll play "hot and cold" until he finds his gift. This year the boys wrapped their gifts and hid them too. So David was on the lookout here, trying to find his first gift.
He must be getting close. You can tell by all those little munchkins gathered 'round.
At last! He found his first present!
He got a shirt from Cole.
After seeing Cole and Dad, Logan wanted in on the photo-op as well.
"Wait a minute!" said Trevor.
David got ties from Brooke and Momma.
After another round of hot and cold, David found his final gift in his truck: new Dodge floor mats.

David's biggest birthday wish was to ride a motorcycle. I asked a man in our church if we could come over and use his bike for a while. Here's David getting some instructions on the motorcycle.
He's getting geared up and ready to go.
He was so happy!
And there he goes. . . .
Finally came MY favorite part of anybody's birthday - the cake!

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