Wednesday, March 17, 2010


It's just a simple fact of life that as the years go by, things get more and more expensive. I can remember as a child when my mom needed help finding something she would say, "If you can find 'such & such' then I'll give you a quarter." Actually, my dad would've said that; Mom was more likely to offer a dollar! :)

Last night at the dinner table my husband had the honor of feeding Brooke her carrots. You know the Gerber pureed carrots? Suddenly I heard my husband say, "I'll give anyone who eats a spoonful of these carrots one dollar." Mind you it's a very small spoon. But would you believe that not even one of those boys of ours would touch those carrots for even a whole dollar? The offer went from one dollar to two, then three and finally four dollars! I could not believe that none of our kids would eat a baby spoon full of carrots for FOUR WHOLE DOLLARS!!!

David was starting to get desperate. He really wanted to see somebody eat those carrots! (This could be explained because he's loving the "Let's Make A Deal" show. I think he subconsciously thinks he's Wayne Brady making the best deals ever!)

The final offer was $4.50. Trevor said that he would do it. I wasn't quick enough to capture the carrots going down. However, I did capture the triumphant lift of the spoon as Trevor downed the food and held the spoon up with a flourish.
And to the victor go the spoils!

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