Saturday, December 5, 2009

A New Discovery

It's amazing the things you forget about babies. Each time Brooke goes through a new stage, I remember the boys doing the same things. How we marvelled when they were able to roll over, or grab a toy. It doesn't ever get old, watching babies learn new things.

Brooke discovered her feet last week. I think she actually found them while we were in Indiana, but this week, she has been exploring these new toys at every opportunity. It's so cute to watch her grab her little toes. This is going to bring a new challenege to diaper changing from now on, because as soon as she lays on that table, her feet come up and her hands reach for her toes.

After getting Brooke dressed, I couldn't resist a few photos of her in her cute little jumper. You can see that she still doesn't want to let go of her feet!

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