Friday, December 18, 2009


I spent some time in Brooke's room with her yesterday. She laid on the floor and kicked her cute feet, while I set about the task of putting away her 3 month baby clothes. It's always a sad task when you put away clothes that no longer fit. But it was fun also, thinking about the times my little darling wore those little outfits.

I came across a lot of hats while I was cleaning things up. Some fit, some don't, some are summer, some are winter, etc. . . . Hats, hats and more hats! I didn't realize we had so many. I had a good time trying some on Brooke and taking photos of her. As usual she was patient with me while I played dress-up with her!

Cole wanted to take this photo. She hasn't had a chance to wear this hat, but she's already outgrown it.

She may grow into this little hat by next summer.
The hoodie on her dress. . .

I made this one! (Could be why it's my personal favorite.)

This hat is so adorable. And look at those pinchable cheeks!

I think this one is getting a wee bit small, Mom!

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  1. I smiled at all those pics but had to laugh at her expression on the last one!