Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Things have been going well here. God is good to us. Last Sunday we had Pack-a-Pew day at church. David had SEVEN visitors in church, and won the grand prize! We had all those folks over for dinner Sunday afternoon. It was just a good day and we were thrilled to have so many new visitors in our church.

We've had some nice, sunny days to enjoy lately. The other day David needed to mow the yard so he got the riding lawn mower out of the shed. He had the brilliant idea that he and I should ride down to the mailbox together. We had a lot of laughs as we tried to fit both of us onto his mower, and then ride to the mailbox comfortably. I am ever so thankful there wasn't anybody around with a camera, because I'm sure we looked as ridiculous as it sounds! It sure was a lot of fun though!


A lot of people have been sick in our neighborhood and school lately. I kept Trevor home from school yesterday. I was glad that I did, because by the afternoon he started getting warm and later he had a full-blown fever. Trevor is usually very active, and he's just not a sick person. It was strange to see him laying around the house huddled in a blanket. See those rosy cheeks? Poor guy.

Thankfully, he is feeling much better today. He still gets to stay home from school one more day, as he's coughing and having a sore throat. We didn't want to spread his germs around to the other school kids.

Since Logan took a nap Sunday afternoon, at bedtime we let him stay up with Mom and Dad for a little extra time. I was putting Brooke down, and doing my final tidying-up-the-house-walk-through when I came into our bedroom and saw this:

It was so cute to see Logan reading the newspaper just like his dad. What a reminder that these little ones are always watching what we do.

Here's one of those cute moments when everybody is playing together. I ran for my camera so I could record this one. I don't want to forget these precious sights.

David got the push mower out the other day and had the boys mow the lawn beside the house -- while he rode the mower over the front yard! I was so proud of my boys, working outside. I know teenage boys that don't even mow the lawn! What a shame! I enjoyed watching my boys not only learn to work, but also learn to work together.

Didn't they do a good job?


And last but not least, I asked Cole to sit by Brooke while I got her bath ready for her. When I came back, he was laughing at her new look. Somehow I don't think it was her idea!

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