Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Princess

I went shopping today with Brooke. She is such a joy to my heart. I can't even express how much I am enjoying my baby girl. She is in that wonderful stage of life where she is becoming aware of her surroundings. She now knows she can reach for a toy, and her little self gets so excited when she actually touches it! She also recognizes us and follows us with her eyes as we walk around the room. The other day David came into the room and he started talking to her. Her little foot just started kicking and kicking, she was just so excited to see her daddy!

I found these little wall decals at the dollar store today, and just had to get them for Brooke's door.

This morning she was dressed so cutely for our shopping trip, I just had to stop EVERYTHING and take some pictures of her.

It was a big day today for Brooke. We got the exersaucer out of the attic for her. The poor thing is so tiny, you can barely see her! But she is enjoying this new view much better than the swing or bassinet.

Daddy gave her a bath tonight. Can you smell how sweet she is?

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