Monday, October 5, 2009

Dr. Hal Webb

We were privileged to have Dr. Hal Webb and his wife in our church all day yesterday. It was such a blessing! Even today, my heart is still full from the sweet day we had at church. He preached for all three services and it tuckered him out, but he was so full of joy to be doing what he loves best. What a great example to us!

When I brought Brooke upstairs after the morning service was over, he came right over to her. He just loved her and as soon as he touched her foot he started praying, "Lord, please help this little girl to grow up to be a good Christian lady." We never had a baby dedication service for our Brooke, but I felt like I had one right at that moment! That evening when the boys came to have their Bibles signed, Dr. Webb prayed over them as well. It was so special and it brought tears to my eyes.

Us gals were getting our picture done, but Dr. Webb wanted to be in the photo with the baby too, so he came right over and joined in!

Praying for our boys:

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