Monday, August 31, 2009

Living Treasures


We have had some good times as a family lately. Saturday we went to Living Treasures Animal Park in Donegal. It is a zoo, but so much better. You are really up close and personal with these animals! You could feed and touch most of them, and though you couldn't pet the dangerous animals, they were so much closer than at a typical zoo. The kids had a great time and the parents had a blast!

Cole fed these deer.

I think this bull knew that nobody wanted to let him eat out of their hands. As soon as he came up to the fence, he stuck his tongue out so we could drop the food onto his tongue.

These baby goats were pretty new, and part of the petting zoo.

This baby llama was incredibly soft. And his eyes were just beautiful.

David fed these camels. These beasts have some serious dental issues! HA!

My crocodile hunters:

Logan needed some help feeding the ponies.

We're going on a trip, my monkey and I!

These mountain goats were so beautiful.

Logan couldn't figure out why the goose wouldn't stay still so he could pet him.

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