Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Random Pictures

Here are some pictures of Brooke I took Sunday night. She is wearing the "It's a Girl!" dress. To explain myself. . . . that is the dress David and I bought the day we found out we were havng a girl. She can finally fit into the dress, although it's a tad big on the shoulders. She was just so pretty on Sunday!

Brooke loves her bath time. This morning Daddy was giving her a bath and she was just quietly enjoying the warm water and attention. Doesn't she just look delighted to be there?

Of all our children, Cole shows the most interest in his new sister. The other day he put her hand on the toy of her bouncy seat, and was delighted when she pulled on that string! He had so much fun "playing" with our Brooke.


  1. She is so pretty and precious! She is beautiful in that dress and I love the happy bath face!

  2. The pictures are ALL great. I love that little dress. Such a sweetie.