Friday, June 12, 2009

My Three Sons

It is not often that we go out as a family, where we don't get some comments about the THREE BOYS that we have. We've heard it all, it seems, but last night was probably the funniest one I'd ever heard. We were all at Wal-Mart doing our grocery shopping. I wasn't paying much attention to things, just looking at my list and trying to get the job done. Suddenly this man said to us, "Do we know what this next one's going to be?"

I looked up from my shopping list, smiled a victory grin and said, "It's a girl!!!"

The man just kind of looked at us in awe and said, "Well, the clothes will be a lot more expensive, but I bet your neighbors will be really glad to hear that!"

It was pretty funny. I didn't ask the man how many children he had raised, but we are thankful for our boys and soon-to-arrive baby girl. God has really blessed us with good children.

Since it was a rainy day in the afternoon I let the boys do some painting. I made them go shirtless to preserve the clothes.

Cole got new pajamas last night. They were on the clearance rack for five dollars. We couldn't really pass that up. I was proud of Trevor and Logan for being good sports about it. Since it was a clearance, they didn't have all the sizes we needed. But nobody complained about Cole's good fortune.


  1. Cute jammies! I think it is so funny, you have the same exact kitchen table as I do. My husband has two brothers and they are pretty close. I think it is great to have boys with a constant play mate.

  2. The boys looked like they had fun with the painting!

  3. What good boys. Isn't it funny the things people say?