Monday, June 1, 2009

I Can't Believe I'm Saying This!

I can not believe I'm saying this! Tonight we got a goat! Yes, a real, live goat! We went to the Sale Barn here in town which auctions off all kinds of livestock. We watched quite a few pigs, donkeys and a few goats being auctioned. One of the men from our church was there. He had just received a goat from his uncle for free and thought he could get us one too. (Gulp!) So we walked down to an area in the barn and got us a goat! This was the last of a trio of free goats. It's strange, because it does not have big floppy ears.

I did not get very good pictures because it was after 9 o'clock when we got home. Pretty dark for photography. But here are a few of our nameless goat. The boys are thinking of names and tomorrow hopefully we'll name him. It's funny. . . . they haven't even thought of calling the goat Chicken Nugget or Big Mac, even though they had no problem thinking up those names for their little sister! We'll see what they come up with in the morning.

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  1. Poor little goat. Did he ever get a name before his demise?