Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Uh-Oh! The other day I was in Logan's room hanging baby girl clothes in his closet, and getting things put away for our new arrival. Cole & Logan were playing nearby and we had this conversation:

Cole - "Where is the baby girl going to sleep?"

Me - "The baby girl is going to sleep in Logan's room, and Logan gets to have a big bed in the computer room."

Logan - "I don't WANT the baby grill to sleep in my bed! I want my own bed!"

Me - "Logan, we're going to get you a BIG bed and you get to have the BIG BOY bed all to yourself!"

Logan - (As he jumps onto his little toddler bed) "I don't want a big bed! I want THIS bed!"

Up until now, we thought things were smooth sailing for Logan with this transition. We shall see now! Maybe I've been lulled into a false sense of security! Ha! Last night David went and bought a full size mattress set to put in Logan's new room. This room will get a makeover, complete with new bedding, paint and fun decorations for the wall. David was toting in part of the mattress set last night when I told Logan that Daddy was bringing in his new mattress. Logan again insisted that he did NOT want a new mattress! He wants his own mattress! Hopefully Logan will be able to make his move to his new room by next week, so he can adjust before our new bundle arrives!

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