Monday, April 27, 2009

The Forecast Indoors. . . . Foggy???

Don't you just love those cute things that kids say? There are a few words that my boys mispronounce on a regular basis. The English buff in me wants to correct them, but the mommy in me wants them to say those funny things forever. Well, at least until they start high school. :)

It took me a bit to understand what my boys meant when they complained about their foggy cereal. Cole didn't want to finish his breakfast. "Mom, the cereal's foggy," he complained. I came to the table to see if we had clouds in our dining room or something. Nope. He meant that his cereal was SOGGY! It was so cute and endearing that I couldn't correct his speech at that moment. But when the kids fiddle around at the table and don't eat quickly, we get foggy cereal around here a lot.

How about when Logan talks about our new baby grill? He means girl, but grill is so cute. Cole has been trying to help Logan fix that mispronunciation, and I cringe each time they have that little lesson, hoping Logan still says "grill" after the tutorial is over.

At the mall the boys all want to ride up the alligators. I have said "escalators" many times, so they can get it right, but they still want to ride the alligators.

The boys play hide-n-sink. (I think Trevor's grown out of that one though.)

And one more is hotton candy. I don't know why it's hotton candy, but my boys have never eaten cotton candy. They prefer hotton candy! Even as I type these I'm grinning ear to ear, just to think about those cute boys of mine.

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