Monday, January 5, 2009


Can you believe it's 2009 already? Life is just flying by. Tomorrow is an exciting day in our house; Cole will turn 5! He is pretty excited about that. I am pretty excited that David and I are going out (BY OURSELVES!!!) tonight to shop for the birthday boy. Of our three boys, I think Cole is the most excited about having a new baby in the house soon. The other day I was telling him it was almost January 6. And what special thing would happen on the sixth? Cole excitedly said, "Your baby is coming out!" Well, not quite! But this morning when I reminded him it was the sixth tomorrow, he did not hesitate to get excited about his birthday. I hope it's everything he wants it to be.

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  1. Happy Birthday to Mr. Cole Farley. You are growing up so fast. I hope you have a wonderful birthday. Love, Mrs. Rauch